First 2 Certifications Complete


Wow how time flies! I am now down in Northern California on the Mendocino coast. I have completed my first two certifications. They are Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification and Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification. There is so much more that I learned from these two courses. I can’t wait to get out there and share them with you! September 7th I will start my culinary classes and get my certifications completed by October 10th. At that time I will be putting up some information how I can help you in learning more about Raw Food Nutrition and Culinary Arts.


For those interested in how my health has done since coming down here. The stress levels have dropped dramatically. How I am choosing to handle stress has changed as well. I have learned that some things are just beyond my control no matter what. Those things I have to let go. I can however change a few things and I’ve done that quite successfully! 🙂 I am down 15 pounds! I have not been 100% Raw nor 100% Vegan. I have just made better choices. I have added back in more Vegetables and Fruits. I have backed off the higher caloric dense foods such as processed foods, packaged foods, dehydrated foods, etc. Taking my foods back to as much whole and natural plant-based foods.


Here is a photo of a Corn Chowder I made recently.


You can find this recipe (HERE)

Enjoy the day! I will be back soon with more updates and photos the beautiful Northern California Coastline!


Dea Steinwand

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  1. Hi Dea ~ I’m really enjoying reading your blog and look forward to more entries! Best wishes with this new phase of your life and thanks for sharing!
    Debbie *Ü*

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